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How to choose wedding dress? 10 typical mistakes

How to choose wedding dress

Perhaps the first question that arises in the girl’s head when she receives a marriage proposal is which wedding dress to choose? Every bride wants to be a real queen at her holiday, so this question is really important and exciting.

Of course, you will hear a hundred tips on choosing a wedding dress from relatives and friends while you are looking for the one and only thing. We would like to run a little ahead and tell you how to choose a wedding dress on the example of the most common mistakes that brides make. And the specialists of the Minsk wedding studio Honey Moments helped us in this.


Large “support group” on the fitting

Choosing a wedding dresses nyc is a responsible matter. But do not involve too many in this process. Imagine how each and every one will repeat that this dress is beautiful, but it doesn’t suit you, or, even worse, opinions are divided. How not to get confused here? Enthusiastic cries and sighs of admiration can be confusing and lead away from the bride’s own wishes. Of course, a side view is important, and that is why it is better to take one or two people to try on, no more. They will be objective and put your interests first.


Buying dress too early

If you start trying on dresses a year before the wedding, the likelihood of falling in love with one of them is very high. And the thought that your only dress can be bought will not give you rest. You need to choose a dress when you already have enough money to buy it and when other details of the wedding are known. Indeed, much also depends on the place of the celebration and its style, theme! Agree, a magnificent “ball” dress will not be appropriate, for example, at a beach wedding, and a Greek-style outfit will not be suitable for a vintage ceremony.


Too many dresses you tried on

Typically, women choose between 4-5 main applicants for the role of the “same” dress. But in total, it is better to measure no more than 10-15 outfits, otherwise, as they say, your eyes will run wide. In the endless race for the perfect dress, you may simply not consider it among dozens of others, each of which is unique in its own way.


Deceptive discounts

Do not rush to a designer dress with a big discount – many brides who dream of an expensive dress of a certain brand make this mistake. We don’t argue, you can really buy a dress for a modest amount, which actually costs two, or even three times more expensive. But before making a purchase, carefully check the goods for defects and make sure that you do not have to spend money on binder and dry cleaning. Otherwise, the whole point of the discount is lost.


Wrong size

Many brides plan to lose weight before the wedding and want to buy a dress one size smaller so that there is an additional incentive to lose weight. Such a decision is fundamentally wrong! In any case, buy the size that suits you at the moment.

And do not forget that the size range of various brands and brands is different. If you have always worn size 44, but a wedding dress of this size is not enough for you and the consultant in the salon advises you to take the 46th – listen. Do not attach too much importance to the number on the label, the main thing is landing. If the dress suddenly becomes too big, it is much easier to suture it than vice versa. A corset with lacing will completely solve all the problems of a small “plus” or “minus” in volume.


Locked on one style

A very common situation is when the bride leaves the salon not at all with the dress that they dreamed about, or which, in their opinion, suits them best. It’s great to have an idea of ​​the style and style of the dress that you want. But do not focus only on such options. Experienced consultants in the salon will offer an alternative if the dress you came for is not entirely for you. Do not refuse – as they say, they do not take money for fitting. Perhaps wearing a completely different dress, you will realize that this is IT!


Buying a dress you don’t like

This can happen if you are under excessive pressure. Often, mothers who buy dresses for their young daughters dictate their rules simply because they pay. Or the bride can succumb to her friend’s very persistent persuasion and buy the dress that she liked.

If you are persuaded to buy a dress that you do not like, do not give in! It’s better to choose a less expensive outfit, but buy it with your own money or take it in installments. And about the persuasion of a friend – well, it’s still your wedding.


Trying on dresses you cannot afford

If you know what your budget for a wedding dress is, then measure only those outfits that fit into it. Otherwise, the biggest disappointment may await you. There is nothing worse than falling in love with an expensive dress: you will compare all subsequent ones with him and be upset that they are not so good.


Additional expenses

Do not forget about them when you designate the budget of your wedding image. If you order a dress on the Internet or according to the catalog in the salon, it may happen that it will need to be adjusted a little according to the figure, and this is an additional cost. Plus shipping. Find more wedding dresses at the https://weddingdreamdresses.com


Salon selection

Before choosing a dress, you must also choose a wedding salon. If you are looking for a particular brand or dress from a particular designer, first find out the addresses of the official representatives of this brand. Otherwise, you risk buying a fake. For the same reason, do not buy dresses “on-hand” and on dubious sites.

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